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Sam_Gross: @Anuj28 : Focus on app workload consuming current data center resources rather than next-generation apps being newly developed
Sam_Gross: @Anuj28 : For Cloud Computing article, suggest focusing on conventional workload instead of new apps, and how to serve clients in that space
Sam_Gross: @omerasad : Focus shifts from data center & internal network, to ensuring real bandwidth, capacity for app traffic to flow outside.
Sam_Gross: @omerasad : Internet peering network architectures become more important, and require greater focus.
Sam_Gross: RT @unisyscorp : GovTech reports on Unisys/City of Minneapolis PC philanthropy, outsourcing relationship: http://bit.ly/QsYAV
Sam_Gross: RT @unisyscorp : Unisys, City of Minneapolis, PCs for People partner to provide computers for those in need http://tinyurl.com/nbglks
Sam_Gross: In Oct. 8 Webinar, I’ll talk about market and business forces creating opportunity for cloud computing, perceived barriers, solutions.
Sam_Gross: Working on my Oct. 8 cloud computing Webinar – live from Times Square, open to anyone. More details soon.
Sam_Gross: RT @colin_lacey: ESJ interview with colleague Brian Ott on IT innovation in tough economic times - http://bit.ly/rPbSr - does this resonate?
Sam_Gross: Reading blog: Virtualization - a reality check: http://tinyurl.com/mragnp, with interesting survey results on usage of virtualization.
Sam_Gross: RT @unisyscorp : Henkel chooses Unisys for end-user support in five-year contract. http://tinyurl.com/l4ekbl
Sam_Gross: RT @unisyscorp : Allan Wattrus of Unisys quoted in Global Services on outsourcing in South Africa: http://bit.ly/RoWtk
Sam_Gross: Listen to the archived Webinar, Moving Apps to the Cloud - Determining What Apps Make Sense for Your Business: http://tinyurl.com/mrpl9b
Sam_Gross: RT @itpro : Cloud computing gets boost as energy costs skyrocket http://bit.ly/vQVvY
Sam_Gross: Look for a provider that understands your application workloads and overall business needs
Sam_Gross: It’s important to remember that businesses build apps one at a time & each will challenge the applicability of a general mega market model
Sam_Gross: Some take a perspective on cloud computing that generalizes application workloads so that they can address the mega market
Sam_Gross: RT @cloudexpo : #Security Solutions: A high-level demonstration of how Unisys secures the cloud http://bit.ly/SdEIe
Sam_Gross: IT industry is on edge of its seat, waiting for a security breach to prove keeping tech in brick & mortar data centers is only safe answer
Sam_Gross: There are technologies available today engineered to prove that “brick & mortar” data centers are not the only secure option
Sam_Gross: RT @cloudexpo : Unisys Named “Platinum Sponsor” of #CloudComputing Expo http://bit.ly/11UPq7 < See you there
Sam_Gross: Don’t miss Webinar tomorrow, Moving Apps to the Cloud - Determining What Apps Make Sense for Your Business: http://tinyurl.com/pvauhz
Sam_Gross: VOaaS “apps on tap” may include wireless 3G routers/IPT/laptops, Web page with instant desktop session, email/voice accounts, remote backup
Sam_Gross: Virtual Office as a Service (VOaaS) will establish expectation that our next office be “instant” w/apps on tap - that’s the promise of cloud
Sam_Gross: Deeper skills, from the silicon to operating systems through middleware, will be required to design and build technology to support cloud
Sam_Gross: RT @unisyscorp : Check out episode 1 of Unisys cloud computing show on YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/m7q2ph
Sam_Gross: Few tech firms have successfully led clients through IT transformations-I’d look to these vendors to help carry through to the next plateau
Sam_Gross: Cloud computing is another phase in an industry that has seen many transformations - from vacuum tubes to chips, the mainframe to the server
Sam_Gross: Register for Aug. 19 Webinar, Moving Apps to the Cloud - Determining What Apps Make Sense for Your Business: http://tinyurl.com/pvauhz
Sam_Gross: Infrastructure exists on behalf of apps. Clients of cloud computing should be businesses more interested in the destination than the path.
Sam_Gross: Cloud computing isn’t about cost of hardware or software - it’s about instant provisioning & service models that refocus IT on the app layer
Sam_Gross: Reading RT @CloudComputing3 : Survey: Almost half of developers plan to deploy private cloud ... http://bit.ly/12tPSb
Sam_Gross: @susanwu88 : It’s important to be able to position the amazing capabilities of cloud in the appropriate context.
Sam_Gross: @susanwu88 : Cloud will be successful when enterprises evolve from an outsourcing paradigm to public services.
Sam_Gross: @susanwu88 : Reading Unisys' The Perfect Storm for Enterprise class Cloud… <Unisys focuses on clients’ conventional workload.
Sam_Gross: Cloud is reminiscent of mainframe time sharing. There are a few providers in the marketplace that really understand how that is delivered.
Sam_Gross: RT @unisyscorp : Unisys Stealth solution featured in Defense Systems article on data protection on DOD networks: http://bit.ly/y34pb.
Sam_Gross: RT @unisyscorp : Unisys coverage in Enterprise Systems Journal underscores need to pursue IT innovation in tough economy http://bit.ly/rPbSr
Sam_Gross: In the cloud, securing identity is half the battle, securing data the other half: http://tinyurl.com/q64hrd
Sam_Gross: Unisys Secure Cloud delivers unique security platform, Stealth, to cloak data in motion & at rest - offers visible chain of custody for data